Preorder Updates

Updates on all current preorders! Your whole order will not ship until all preorder items in your order have arrived! 

All items are listed based on if they were produced together! Please check out my stories preorder updates highlights for photos of and updates of production! This page is updated every time I get tracking info/production delays etc.

For Frequently Asked Questions about Preorders please check out the Preorder FAQ Page.

Last Update: 2/2


    ⭐ Noble Outfits (Finished Production, In Trasit to me)

    • Ghost costume sample had to be remade due to how difficult it was to put on Noble Plushes due to this there was a delay in production of the full set.
    • Now Expected to ship Late January/Early February if production is finished before Chinese New Year.

    2/2 Updates

    • Production is finished and they are on their way to me! Should arrive mid February if there is no issues, and ship out promptly.

    Good Omens Charms/Pillows (Shipped)

    • As of 1/11 All Good Omens Charms and Pillows have shipped.

    ⭐ Horror Charms (Shipped)

    • As of 1/11 All Horror Charm and Pillow Orders have shipped.

    ⭐ Goodnigh Baby Series 1 Restock. (Finished Production, and in transit to me)

    • Currently on a cruise making their way home!

    ⭐ Goodnight baby Series 2  (In production + Sampling)

    • 4 designs have finalized samples and are in production, 4 designs are finalizing sampling.

    2/2 update

    • All designs are now in production!