Preorder Updates

Updates on all current preorders! Your whole order will not ship until all preorder items in your order have arrived! 

All items are listed based on if they were produced together! Please check out my stories preorder updates highlights for photos of and updates of production! This page is updated every time I get tracking info/production delays etc.

For Frequently Asked Questions about Preorders please check out the Preorder FAQ Page.


⭐ Dune Pillows and Billy (Saw ) Pillows Shipping in August. (These were misprinted and had to be reordered)

⭐ Currently Shipping:  Farcille Pin, Dunmeshi Little guys, Photocard Holders.


⭐Shipping now End of July/Early August:  All Acrylic Stands, Kensuke Pin! These are on their way but a running a bit late ! Expected to Arrive Tuesday 7/22 but I have a con this weekend and the next so I'll try to ship as many as I can before I leave but will most likely ship most when I return Early August!



    ⭐ Goodnight baby Series 2  (ALL SHIPPED, Please reach out to me if you haven't received a tracking number)

    • After production delays babies are shipping out to me and will now be shipping Late May and Early June! Thank you for your patience! (4/30)
    • Goodnight babies have arrived and are currently being graded and shipped!
    • Keep track of baby designs as they are being graded and shipped out below. (This process is happening simultaneously so for example: . If your order includes any design that has been graded it is most likely shipping soon! If your order contains characters that have been graded AND characters that have not yet been graded your order will ship when all characters in your order have been graded!)
    • Please keep in mind this is a lot of designs so  shipping will take a while to get through every order. 
    • Please keep in mind larger sets will ship last since all plushies must be graded to send those out! 
    • I am expecting this process to take 3-4 weeks. Please do not panic if your order hasn’t shipped yet. I will make an announcement when I am done and then if your order still hasn’t shipped we can get to the bottom of it! Thank you for your patience!
    • HOBIE PLUSH NOTICE: Mask must be unhooked to remove! (this is my bad, I didn't realize this when I was designing them, every other plush the mask can be removed without unhooking, he doesn't believe in consistency!)  Studs have exposed stuffing, this is normal! Stuffing can be removed if bothersome! My original sample had no stuffing in the studs on his mask so I am not sure why they included stuffing in the final plushies but it isn't sealed, the opening is way to small to seal without sewing another layer onto the mask which would make it too bulky! This doesn't effect the plush what so ever so I am not too worried about it! Thank you for understanding!
    • Slight Covid Delay: We had two people testing positive in my home the last week of May, we halted shipping and quarantined to mitigate the spread! These cases are clearing up and shipping will begin again the weekend of June 8th!
    Baby Grade Status Shipping Status Notes
    Matt Finished Grading Shipping completed
    Frank Finished Grading Shipping completed
    Marc Finished Grading. Shipping completed
    Steven Finished grading Shipping completed
    Jake Finished grading Shipping completed
    Miles Finished grading Shipping completed
    Gwen Finished Grading Shipping completed
    Pav Finished grading Shipping completed
    Hobie Finished grading. Shipping completed
    Miguel Finished grading Shipping completed
    Peter Finished Grading Shipping completed
    Prowler Finished Grading Shipping completed
    Spot Finished Grading Shipping completed