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Hello! If you have any questions, comments or inquiries please let me know using this contact form and I will try to help as soon as I can !


Preorders have started shipping as of 09/22 please allow 2-3 weeks for all preorders to ship out. Thank you/ These include Good Omens items, and Lenticular Stickers.

Little Guy Vash charms are slightly delayed due to a misprint, these will begin shipping first week of October I apologize for the incovenience!


 ⭐During Store updates my processing time in 3-4 weeks  During updates I am getting a lot of orders all at once, I am a one person sometimes two person team please be patient while your order arrives. 

⭐ If you have a preorder item in your order your entire order will ship when the preorder item comes in.

⭐ I am no longer splitting or combining orders due to a lot of technical issues. I am also no longer issuing refunds for Preorders. Thank you for understanding. 

  Shipping to Ukraine and Russia is currently suspended by the USPS.

UK/EU Custom fees are not charged at purchase. Extra fees might occur when you pick up your item by purchasing from me you have agreed to these terms.

Instead of Phone Number please put your Order Number there! If you don't have an order number please use the name you used to place the order!

DOUBLE CHECK YOUR EMAIL! otherwise I cannot contact you back due to typos! Also make sure your inbox isn't full. Thank you. 🥰