Preorder FAQ

Please check below for any answers to your preorder questions! If you don't see an answer to your question feel free to reach out to me using my contact form!


⭐ What is a Preorder?

  • A preorder means the item doesn't exist yet and by purchasing a Preorder you are:

    • Helping fund the item so it can exist!
    • Guaranteed the item unlike in hand stock which can sell out.
    • Ok with waiting for your item to be made, sent to the artist (me!), quality checked, assembled/packaged and then shipped out to you!

⭐ How long do Preorders usually take?

  • Please allow up to 2 months (Acrylic & pillows) 4 months (Enamel Pins/Stationary) on any preorder item fulfillment. For current preorders check out the Preorder Updates page for individual item preorders.

My item contains Preorder items and in hand items when will my order ship?

  • Your order will ship when all items in your order are available! In the future I suggest ordering separately your preorder order and your in hand stock order if you would like in hand items sooner!

I missed Preorders will items return?

  • Yes, after all preorders are shipped out to customers, limited in hand stock will be available in a future store update. Please sign up for email notifications under the item you are interested in to get notified as soon as stock is available!